downloada zahnbeitel voyage. year 13,772,000,000 approx. mSEKE is 13,300,000,000 ly away. cold. alone. noise.

produced by doering/schaefer at mSEKE, gSEKE, noSEKE.


downloadkombatX (aka dewellKore) would have been doering/schaefer’s contribution to the nuskool breakbeat hype between 2k5 and 2k10. made in 2008. production files lost, everything must go. these are the only available copies, unproduced. the b side dizaster is more of a draft than a fully arranged track.


bynjamendoafoam’s endlessly delayed follow-up to agr ep and aetherische. hyphens lost and re-gained. a stage of principle and matter has been reached. it did not take 15 years to finish, but 15 years have passed since the times of the ambient



ajamendo-fon core continuing where nobody left off. picking up an invisible thread in a straight maze. doering/schaefer have created ambient without too many glitches. some cotton candy was consumed.



15 years of zahnbeitel. brand new, yet historic release by zahnbeitel. material from the early days in a recent mix. originally, zahnbeitel wanted to release an album n (earlier title klangereignisse), containing ultra-short tracks by doering/mueller/schaefer to be played in random order. the material was never released. also, the recordings for the planned album zahnfleischtrieb (earlier title sickrose) were mostly never released. in 2004/2005, efforts for a longform edit of the early material for zahnbeitel’s 10th aniversary were also dropped. to celebrate 15 years of zahnbeitel (1995-2010), sickroseXV was finally finished.

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downloadstrepitussubtle noise sessions recorded by schaefer in 1999 for a unique copy edition of strepitus e.p. in 2009, we bought back the only copy in an auction for the 10th anniversary of strepitus and now release the material.

non-profit amateur audio by doering, schaefer