a-fon ist eine rein private nicht-kommerzielle webseite von doering/schaefer. sämtliche inhalte sind cc-by 3.0 lizenziert. wir generieren keine einnahmen. die kosten für den betrieb werden aus unseren privaten einkünften beglichen.



You can only reach us via email as info [ÄTt] a-fon {DÖTt} org. We are categorically not open for business inquiries. We do not generate or intend to generate money making music and other audio.

a-bout a-fon

masta-fon is an independent music organisation located in berlin and elsewhere. founded and maintained mainly by doering and schaefer. a-fon has produced, is producing and will forever be producing alternative forms of electronic music without giving a jot about the club scene, conforming to standardstyles, etc. a-fon music is totally free (CC-BY). just download, listen, edit, remix, whatever.

a-history of a-fon (milestones only)

  • future? almost definitely maybe some zahnbeitel, maybe some gleema tracks, maybe some afoam
  • 2017–2019: some mature zahnbeitel (abbruch and macs0647)
  • 2018: lost tapes released from a broken nuskool breaks project (kombatX, aka dewellKore)
  • 2015: afoam returns with byn
  • 2015: a-fon core finally finishes a/fo\mmx
  • 2015: soering, schaefer work on the final production of a-fon core’s a/fo\mmx at the newly founded noSEKE (nicht ortsgebundenes studio für elektronische klangerzeugung) during the ninth summer studio event (bad arolsen)
  • 2010: zahnbeitel release 15th anniversary long form sickrosexv
  • 2010: a-fon core (doering, schaefer) begin working on a/fo\mmx during eigth summer studio event (bSEKE)
  • 2008: doering, schaefer brainstrom new and old projects during the seventh summer studio event
  • 2008: gleema finish gleematronic with the help of karg
  • 2007: a-fon core finishes the second spnt album spnt::phz
  • 2007: doering, schaefer start dewellKore, a nuskool breakbeat project which ultimately went nowhere (two half-produced tracks might be released in 2018) during sixth summer studio event
  • 2007: gSEKE becomes bSEKE (berliner studio für elektronische klangerzeugung) and becomes fully digital
  • 2005: zahnbeitel record the one-off metal-inspired ghoulag with karg live; plans to establish ghoulag as a separate project fail
  • 2004: doering, schaefer begin working on spnt::phz during fifth summer studio event (gSEKE)
  • 2003: doering, schaefer at gSEKE for fourth summer studio event, recording axis of resistance
  • 2003: a-fon core records the first spnt album spnt::lv
  • 2003: mSEKE becomes gSEKE (göttinger studio für elektronische klangerzeugung) and becomes mostly digital
  • 2003: doering, schaefer start the a-fon core meta project spnt
  • 2001: afoam releases his first eps Agr and ætherische
  • 2001: doering,schaefer found gleema as the electro branch of a-fon; third summer studio event (miltenberg; doering, schaefer)
  • 1999: at the height of the zahnbeitel hype, doering, schaefer, uffmann play at noise transmission festival, düsseldorf, leading to live noise eruption release
  • 1999: uffmann joins zahnbeitel for spindeltrimmer
  • 1999: a-fon core is founded by doering, schaefer as the ambient branch of a-fon; second summer studio event (roszbach; doering, schaefer) leads to flat.scape and cosmic continuum; mSEKE (marburger studio für elektronische klangerzeugung) founded
  • 1998: doering joins for founding zahnbeitel; first summer studio event (roszbach; doering, schaefer) leads to dotabata-no rekoodo
  • 1995: founded by schaefer for the sickrose art noise project (to become zahnbeitel)

non-profit amateur audio by doering, schaefer