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maschine 09/10

maschinexmas present to noise lovers by schaefer. as part of our web page crash + data loss incident, we have currently lost the audio. we’re hoping for a(n actual) clean room operation to restore it.


burandownloadbe prepared for buran to douse you in a torrent of eardrum ripping cataracts of sheer noise rife with loads of subtle nuances, and even catchy industrial-happy rhythms. imagine fierce machinery relentlessly pulling it off on top of antarctic ice shelfs torn apart by unimaginable force while neutrinos shower the surface of the mediterranean sea. what you hear is in fact the background noise of the mediterranean sea at an approximate depth of 6500 ft., disrupted by the occasional neutrino. these sounds are, as customary with zahnbeitel projects, llwmed to the max. buran is russian for blizzard, by the way. this recording is dedicated to the russian space shuttle of the same name.


phzdownloadthis is the second release and the first studio album of the a-fon/spnt project (doering/schaefer) since its foundation in 2003. abstract ambient, produced with clarity in mind. serial-etherial. warning: contains granular synthesis.


lullaby1downloadlullaby_1 explores several subliminal aural manipulations that could help to increase the listener’s peace of mind, eventually making him/her fall asleep.


lvdownloada release of the first a-fon/spnt live performance. doering/schaefer played a unique session in 2003/12, demonstrating the versatility of the spnt project. from rythmic ambient pulses to warm, amber soundscapes to abstract ambient jazz.